The Vagina Odyssey…

The Vagina Odyssey…

the ethos behind Vagina Consciousness.

First and foremost we support you and your journey.

We believe in you and the freedom to express yourself and to express yourself on the quest of knowing who and what you are, what life is.

Vagina Consciousness is one part of it.

We don’t have answers or demands, or absolutes, but we do know one thing, we are aware of some kind of wonderful beauty.

And we love beauty, the beauty of existence, beauty in chaos and confusion, all of it as much as we can, as long as it’s consensual of course and that includes you consenting to yourself.

Vagina Consciousness is the beauty we are playing with and this is part of our expression.


On with it…

These are the guiding principles, that direct the choices we make. If you do not like them or want to have anything to do with them, please don’t sign up because we only answer to ourselves.

  • Vagina consciousness never ends, there are always new explorations, new educations, and specifically new homo-sapiens asking questions and wondering about life.
  • We embrace the weird and wonderful, the classy and uncouth as a path to express the mysteries that embrace it all.
  • Everyone came from ‘the’ vagina and it’s the one thing no matter what your beliefs, values, or views are, that you share with others.
  • It’s fun to have fun, and felicity and feelings of pleasure are a top priority for us.
  • Artistry and Play are a necessity for a thriving awake world, artistry of all kinds, of all twists and turns, and meanderings… All of it…
  • Life is a process and no one is who they were; we are all becoming, learning, and growing.
  • We know that expressions change and transform, people grow, and perspectives shift. We each must express what we ‘must express’ so to express what we will.
  • And we believe in supporting the growth process of each vagina and the inquisitive mind that comes with it.
  • Artistry enhances and assists us all in this way.
  • Life is funny and vaginas and penises and sex and love, are funny too.
    • Humor can unleash a greater appreciation for what’s wanted but pushed away out of fear. We have no issues acknowledging that.
  • We embrace all kinds, the prude to the promiscuous, the curious observer to the experienced expressive. All are part of this.
  • We meet each individual as they are not as others have said.
  • Though men don’t bleed out of their vaginas, they are as much Vagina Consciousness as those with vaginas. You reading this are Vagina Consciousness.
  • We do whatever we do as long as it’s consensual of course.
  • If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we are in denial of our own absurdity.
  • We embrace the ridiculous, the absurd, the truth that most people don’t want to acknowledge, even though they sense it as true.
  • Finally, we don’t have the answers and we don’t know the “Truth”.
  • It’s messy and imperfectly perfect. If we, as people, shared in the messiness and embraced it as the way it is, instead of fighting against it, hiding it, and wishing it wasn’t so, we’d all be freer to live a more beautiful and free life.
  • We have an appreciation for all of life, even that which most people don’t care for.

We want to share something with you and it may sound a little bit off-putting, which is fine. We don’t care about your opinions and we especially don’t care about our opinions. We are all inundated with so many opinions and ideas about this and that, about who is right, who is wrong, who is justified, who is triggered, who is worthy, who is not, blah, blah, blah…

You see, it is incredibly boring for us to keep listening to the voice in our own heads, the of the “mind” that is blathering on and on and on about nothing much, and for years it carries on.

It’s a noisy mess, the mind, with all its thoughts about everything, and everyone, going on and on about how you should live, how they should be, always trying to sell you on what’s true, what’s not true, what might be true.

The mind can be a beautiful tool, but it isn’t you, and we know it is not us, even though it feels like it is. It isn’t.

That is why we don’t care for the opinions of others or the opinions of ourselves.

Isn’t that funny?

Isn’t that a strange thing to say?

But isn’t it freeing when your mind stops blabbing about and you can simply be with the serenity of what is, of life itself, free from a story of the past, free from the imagination of the future, just for a moment in time here with what is, awareness of Vagina Consciousness?

That is what we desire to share with you at this moment in time.

And we wish to celebrate the freedom and the magnificence of being, simply being.

If you will find that within yourself, you will know something truer than truth, an experience that is worthy of celebration.


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