About Vagina Consciousness…

What Is Vagina Consciousness?

Vagina Consciousness is a call to action for everyone on the planet to celebrate the mystery of existence at the same time every year for as long as humanity is around.

We are all born from the great womb.

It gives life to all of us and it must be acknowledged and brought to the forefront of our attention. 

The idea is simple. There is a missing cohesive global appreciation for the beauty and wonder that is life in all its forms, from messiness of birth, to the wonder of menstruation, to the discovery of sex and love, this includes the cycle of death for the human, and the cycles of life and death on the earth itself, from plants to animals, from generation to generation.

A celebration might be the answer to the doom and destruction that is so often thrust on the world by so many whom seem to have lost the wonder and appreciation for all of life and its messiness and mystery.

There is no leader of Vagina Consciousness, it is everywhere and it is all that is, which is why celebrating it as you choose to is important.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you how to do it.

The questions are within you.

May this celebration re-imagine the world for the beauty and magnificence that it already is, but so often not appreciated. 


It’s a week long celebration that is designed, created, and shared by you. 

Your imagination is the idea. What do you think of when you think of celebrating Vagina Consciousness?

Create that and then invite everyone you know to participate with you.


Invite everyone you know to create a week long celebration with you.

Your imagination is powerful and infinite.


Your community is unique to you. Imagine connecting with other communities around the world to teach and share with each other all during one coordinated week every year. 

Is This Even Possible? 

It only happens if you are willing to participate and create and share your knowledge, your wishes, your questions with others.


June 1st – 7th every year for as long as humanity exists. 


You Choose… 

Who Else Will Be There?

No one knows for sure. It will be a surprise for all of us, but if you aren’t there no one will be. 


We will share as they come…