It’s Unlike Anything Else…

Vagina Consciousness a Global Celebration That Starts With You And Those You Know.

Get on board and start sharing the GREATEST adventure humanity has ever known.

Are you interested in creating a week long global celebration that takes place every year for as long as humans exist…

…a celebration that honors and respects the one thing we all have in common.

Vagina Consciousness…

It’s not a party…
It’s a celebration

If ever there was a unifying theme that all people have in common, whether they like it or not, it is this…

You are born of and from the great womb of consciousness, vagina consciousness.

Metaphorically and literally you, your friends, your loved ones, your not so loved ones, and a whole lot of other non-human animals were given breath by way of the womb.

But you already know this.

But what you might not know is that there is a global celebration that takes place each year and that…

You are at the center of it.

We want to tell you all about it.

But first, we ask you to sign up here so that we can, with great trust, honesty, and respect share with you the gargantuan simple idea that makes Vagina Consciousness a necessity for humanities health and well being, from now until humans are no more.

You are about to be called forth to lead the way forward.

…you are the answer…

the celebration of your life is the way

Celebration is the great secret power that hides within all human beings.

Come inside and we will share with you a secret that only belongs to you, until you choose to share it with others, if you ever do.

With love for all,
More Than Lips

p.s. You are going to love this and if you do not, you certainly will think it is absurd, and thus you will love it too.

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Would you to send us a letter, a reply, a message from your Vagina Consciousness from the future, a letter written from your Vagina Consciousness to your present self?

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Until then…

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